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The People of SPADE

Dr. Anuradha Dutta, M.A., Ph.D.PresidentWomen's empowerment
Mr. Rabin Dutta, M.Sc. (Botany)Vice-PresidentFlood relief, tree-plantation
Mr. Tusar Bordoloi, B.A. (Economics)Organising SecretaryCommunity development, local self governance
Mr. Abhijit Kr. Medhi, B.Sc. (Economics)Asstt. General SecretarySustainable community development
Mr. Hareswar TumungTreasurer
Dr. Binoy Das, M.Tech., Ph.D.Executive MemberSanitation, education
Mr. Binoy Das, C.A. (Chartered Accountant)Executive MemberWater management and sanitation
Dr. Indranee Dutta, M.A., Ph.D.Executive MemberWomen's empowerment
Mr. Pradeep Talukdar, B.E.Executive MemberRural development, indigeneous crafts
Mr. Arunima Baruah, M.Sc.(Zoology)Executive Member_
Mr. Hiranmoy Nath, B.E.AdvisorWater Management
Brig. N. Deka, L.L.B.AdvisorChild welfare
Mr. Jaydeep Baruah, M.A. (Economics)Executive MemberRegional Development
Mr. Rajesh Dutta, B.E. (Civil)Executive MemberDisaster management
Mr. Autri Dutta, M.S.Resident RepresentativeProject Coordination & Web-site administration
Ms. Jodi Dutta, B.S. (Spanish), B.S. (Civ. Engg.), P.E.Resident RepresentativeFlood mitigation, emergency response, women's empowerment & education
Ms. Mallika DuttaResident RepresentativeWomen's empowerment & education mili@spadeindia.org

Dr. Anuradha Dutta is a founder member of SPADE who has volunteered for over fifteen years while working as a Professor of Political Science at Gauhati University. Her special interest is women's empowerment and she has initiated several projects with SPADE. She has worked with Gyan Bigyan Samiti, an organization to promote literacy, since 1990. Dr. Dutta considers education as the key to the success of the projects.

Mr. Rabin Dutta, is a founder member of SPADE. He is the Joint Director of the Guwahati Forensic Laboratory, and his special interests are in flood relief operations, and in tree plantation.

Mr. Tusar Bordoloi's experience with SPADE goes back almost a decade. His work as a Statistical Investigator with the NSS (National Sample Survey, Govt. of India) has provided him with unique insights into the difficulties in remote and interior sections of the state. He has worked with Deepak, a volunteer organization that has worked with sanitation, and self-help (empowerment) programs in rural areas.

Mr. Abhijit Medhi has worked with SPADE for nine years. His special interest is in sustainable community development. He also worked with Deepak, along with Tusar Bordoloi, and also works at the NSS as a Statistical Investigator.

Mr. Hareswar Tumung, the Treasurer of SPADE, works at NSS and is from Dhemai, one of the villages where SPADE works.

Dr. Binoy Das has been involved with SPADE for four years. Mr. Das considerable time in the field in the villages, with his work in sanitation, bringing to bear his extensive experience as a consultant for UNICEF. Mr. Das focuses on education as an important part of his work.

Mr. Binoy Das, chartered accountant, has been involved with SPADE for over 6 years. He has had wide-ranging experience in water management and sanitation.

Dr. Indranee Dutta, Professor, OKD Institute of Social Change & Development, has been involved with SPADE since its inception. Prior to her assignment in the Institute, she served as a Reader in the Department of Education, Gauhati University. Her fields of research include women and children, especially in the conflict situation. Her current academic interest is on higher education. She also takes interest in voluntary work with rural poor and flood-affected people of the state.

Mr. Pradip Talukdar is the Deputy General Manager of AIDC (Assam Industrial Development Corporation) and a volunteer activist with SPADE.

Mrs. Arunima Baruah works at the Guwahati Forensic Laboratory and is a volunteer activist with SPADE.

Mr. Hiranmoy Nath is a former Chief Engineer for the state of Meghalaya. He brings his expertise in water management, public health and sanitation to SPADE.

Brigadier Deka (retd. Indian Army) has a special interest in child welfare.

Mr. Jaydeep Barua is a social scientist who teaches at the OKD Institute of Social Change & Development. His special interest is in issues related to regional development.

Mr. Rajesh Dutta is a site Engineer with Pubali Builders (a private construction company). His special interest is in disaster management.

Mr. Autri Dutta is a liaison of SPADE in the United States and administrator of the SPADE web-site.

Ms. Jodi Dutta is a civil engineer who has worked with flood control and emergency response planning efforts, and an active SPADE volunteer.

Ms. Mallika (Mili) Dutta is a software developer, and organizer of the annual "Where the Mississippi Meets the Brahmaputra" fund-raiser event in Minneapolis. Mili has a strong interest in women's empowerment and social justice.

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