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SPADE’s Flood Relief Work in 2004

In the 2004 flood crisis, SPADE, as it has in previous years, has embarked on collection and distribution of various relief material. SPADE, in partnership with B. Borooah College of Guwahati (a premier educational institution), has distributed food, medicine, clothing, fire-wood, water purifying chlorine tablets, as well as installed tube-wells. The collection and distribution drive began on 17th July this year.

A report on the magnitude of the current crisis is available in the SPADE report in 2004 floods page.

SPADE volunteers leaving on a flood relief mission, 19 July 2004

Distribution of relief materials on the embankment of Puthimari river in the village Bagta of Kamrup district, 19 July 2004
So far SPADE has been directly involved in distribution of relief in the villages Bakta and Bhoma, which are 60 kms from Guwahati, but are inaccessible by roads that have been breached by water. SPADE has so far targeted 1500 families in the area and provided them with food, water purifier tablets and disinfectant powder, fire wood, and baby food.

Upcoming work

SPADE plans to send relief consignment to Morigaon district within few days time which is worst affected with many human casualties and innumerable loss of livestock and standing crops. SPADE raised height of 25 tube wells in the flood prone areas of Dhemaji district which is located 350 KMs away from Guwahati. This work was completed in the month of APRIL 2004 before on set of the monsoon. These tubewells offering succor to the flood victims during the current spate of flood in those areas.

Volunteers approaching the marooned victims for flood relief by boat in the Dhemaji district, 27 July 2004

A medical camp for women and children in the village Bagta, 27 July 2004
SPADE is planning for rehabilitation of the flood victims with special emphasis on empowerment of the affected people. SPADE is developing plans for construction of raised platforms with active participation from the target population so as to provide the affected population respite during the flood. Future plans for economic and social rehabilitation of the affected people will be ready as soon as the water is subsided and through survey work is made feasible.

An inundated village under Morigaon district

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